love letter #2

Dear A, You are on my mind right now and I wanted to write about you, about me, about us. So here goes: You’re on my mind now, today, just like every other day. I can’t wait to meet you, to lie in your arms. Thank you for talking to me always. it’s very different […]

to my home of five years, soon not to be

Not in a  million years did I think I would one day sit at home and wish with all of my heart to go back to university. Maybe it’s remembering that this was my last summer on campus, after which I would have to go on to the real world. A campus that gave me […]

A poem about things you’ve lost

I wonder what you’ll think of, At eighty, when you look back on life, Thinking of the many things you’ve lost in life, Maybe the little things will come to mind, Like the numerous hair ties, Or the single piece of sock that you could never find afterall, Will you remember that elusive tv remote, […]

10 Things To Do The Night Before An Apocalypse

The night before an apocalypse, I would sit down and have dinner with my family one last time. I would chat with my mom about the neighbours’ antics and crack lame jokes with my dad. I would hug them one last time, taking comfort in the sense of safety and security they’ve always given me. […]

Notes on attempts at capturing time

Have you ever felt like time has stopped for you all of a sudden, or did it ever feel like you’ve traveled in time to an era or an age you’ve only ever dreamed of? I’m not talking of the feeling of deja vu, but rather of feeling like you’ve been transported to an entirely […]